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Introduction to prosthesis assembly


Adjusting to the depression of a new amputee can be difficult for amputees who dont know what its like to have a prosthetic. With proper prosthetic fitting, rehabilitation and prosthetic service support, amputees can gradually adjust from t...

Do you want to run? Do you want to exercise? But your foot may not allow you do that.


Matching feet should understand the performance of feet itself not only, combine oneself body circumstance and economic actual strength to choose even. First of all, what is K? This is a grading system established by MEDICARE that rates the...

Do you have these problem when you are choosing prosthetic. Today let us get the misunderstanding clearly.


I can not believe it if you do not tell me before ... Due to the gradual update of technology, it is now very convenient to wear silicone gel sleeves, and many problems of burrs, flaps or damages that often occur in the past have been great...

Do you know how is it important to wear a suitable lower limb prosthesis?


Prosthesisbecome an important part of the body when worn.Improper use and assembly of prosthetic limbs can not only cause problems with the stump itself, but also sometimes cause problems with other parts of the body. Long-term use of unsui...

Are you still considering whether to use the silicone sleeve ? Here is the answer?


What is the siliconesleeve ? As the name suggests, the main material of the siliconesleeve is made of silica gel to protect the stump of the inner sleeve. It goes on the stump, and itis like the introduce below. After decades of development...

Seriously! After reading this article, I selected a suitable prosthetic foot board ( An optional foot board essential)


According to the needs of different patients, there are several types of prosthetic ankles. First of all, before introducing the foot board for leg prosthesis, we should pay attention to the fact that the foot board for leg prosthesis can b...