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Shanghai disan national coinsurance alliance member continues to expand
Posted on:2016-11-15 14:03:15 Browsing times:230Time

Recently,shanghai Disan Have received a few confirmation coinsurance agreement from all parts of the country.The coinsurance alliance members so far has amounted to 31.In this covenant agency purchase or assembly prosthetic orthopaedic units and individuals, in either a configuration units, can be in accordance with the unified national prosthetic appliances late maintenance service standards, all enjoy the benefits of international leading technology of group services

Shanghai Disan Is currently the general agent of U.S. CPI , (FREEDOM)  (BAUERFEIND) ,UK  (STEEPER) Germany (MEDI) Uk(ORTHO EUROPE) UK (NSP) and Others world brand.In order to let more Chinese disabled people to enjoy life convenience brought by the international advanced prosthetic products ,at the same time, more convenient to have a perfect after-sale service.disan, The coinsurance alliance came into being.Now the family getting more and more family members,we believe in the near future, the disabled friends can enjoy the thoughtful and  professional artificial limb after-sales service at home .



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