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Wang Wei, general manager of the company to Ningbo Jiao Kang prosthetic to carry out technical train
Posted on:2017-2-24 17:21:51 Browsing times:186Time

To further improve the agency team skills, help Ningbo Jiao Kang prosthetics business and technology to accelerate the development. Shanghai Disan, general manager of Mr. Wang Wei went to Ningbo for its two-day professional training.
The main content of the training for the introduction of Shanghai Disan new feet and intelligent bionic hand of the technical parameters, and product features of the live demonstration. Ningbo Jiao Kang prosthetic also attaches great importance to this opportunity to arrange all the staff to participate in the training. During the interactive discussion session, participants were enthusiastically discussed and put forward their opinions and suggestions on the expected market response of new products.
Mr. Wang Wei and all the participants took the photos, and  participated in Ningbo Jiao kang grand dinner activities for the success of this training held a successful conclusion.
The training will be, so that Ningbo Jiao Kang prosthetics to better understand the technology of Shanghai Disan, greatly enriched  Ningbo Jiao Kang product line, but also let everyone in 2017 Shanghai Disan full of confidence. Through two days of training, participants not only the professional skills have been further enhanced, but also to the business development of Shanghai Disan  put forward a lot of ideas and opinions.

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