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Air-pressure control system,capable of changing walking speed according to user’s demand.The knee’s swinging and bending is more close to the human knee joint with a more natural gait.Multi-axis design to enhance stability and safty,weight limitation:125kgs ,flexion angle is about 160 degrees,suitable for medium activity users. 

Product Characteristics

     ● Unicue Extension / Flexion dual air-pressure contarol system,capable of changing walking speed according tu user’s demand, bring you a natural and smooth gait.

     ● The knee’s swinging and bending more close tu the human knee joint, more natural gait.

     ● Incorporates a unique knee joint locking function imitating the human knee joint to ensure that the prosthetic knee operates safely in heel strike phase and stance phase like a human knee. In take-off phase, the prosthetic knee can imitate the human knee function to unlock the knee joint and walk easily and naturally with knee flexion. 

     ● Multi-axial knee joint design to achieve balanced load break for the rotary bearing in the stance phase and substantial increase in service life of the knee joint body.

     ● Differentiated full-sealed needle bearing knee joint design that differs from the conventional ball bearing or bushing design currently available on the market.

     ● Big flexion angle design providing more convenience for the users. Flexion angle about 160 degrees. 

     ● Applicable to weight limit of 125kg.