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A6 is multiaxial polycentric knee joints with a stable aluminium frame construction. 
They are suitable for moderately active users (mobility class 2, 3) and are approved up to a maximum body weight of 125kg.
The knee joint is characterised by a low weight and narrow construction that enables it to be covered cosmetically in a simpleand attractive way.

     ● Adjustable front end design of gravity line in the stance phase in relation to knee joint rotary axle, similar to human thigh quadriceps function, making the knee's swinging and bending more close to the human knee joint. More naturalgait! More comfortable walking! More safe to use!

     ●Unique Extension / Flexion dual air-pressure control system,capable of changing walking speed according to user's demand, bring you a natural and smooth gait.

     ●Unique and precision design of sealed needle bearing knee joint differs from the conventional ball bearing or bushing design currently available on the market, greatly increasing the product service life.

     ●Unique aerometal material, filling lightweight qualities.

     ●Ultra-thin design of knee connection to adapt to a wider range of users.

     ●Multi-axis design to enhance stability and safty

     ●Bearing the weight of up to 125KG.

     ●Flexion angle of about 145 degrees.

     ●Suitable for medium activity users.

     ●Clip tube screw, firmer link with leg tube.